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Welcome to Margarita Island

Vacation Rent Apartments, Isla Margarita!

In the center of Porlamar, the economic capital of Margarita Island, built right into ‘Playa Bella Vista’ the beach that has the ‘Residential Beach View Palace’, one of the most luxurious resorts on the island.

Beach View Palace is located in the historic part of town and is surrounded by hotels and restaurants as the “Rancho de Pablo ‘with typical food and’ La Casa del Mero ‘with the best fish and seafood.

Excellent Location

A short distance from ‘Beach View Palace’ are the avenues and boulevards of Porlamar with lots of shops. Large shopping centers and as the Sambil, La Vela and others are at a distance of few minutes by car or taxi.

Here is your dream apartment for an unforgettable holiday with incredible sea views towards the mainland (30 km) with its “ridge” of the coast range and the island of Coche, and sides of the ancient lighthouse of La Puntilla ‘El Morro’, the whole panorama of Porlamar, and a refreshing breeze.

Great Hotel Facilities

Beach View Palace is a building of 8 floors with a total of 31 luxury apartments, with quality materials as Spanish tiles, coral, marble and granite, Italian kitchens and furniture specially imported from several countries in Europe, built and run by Europeans.

Beach View Palace has a small freshwater pool and a terrace overlooking the beach, just meters from the waves. The beach is maintained by the building’s cleaning crew.

Trips & Excursions

If you want to go and explore the treasures of the island, or more, we offer all kinds of excursions and entertainment including a jeep tour around the island, snorkeling, diving (of course also with the international certificate), sailing, horseback riding , swimming with dolphins and flights to the archipelago of Los Roques, the Orinoco Delta (Warao Indians), Canaima (Pemon Indians) and Angel Falls.